Weymouth Harbour Guide

Hello Sailor

Design of the Official Weymouth Harbour Guide.

We've produced the annual Weymouth Harbour Guide for the past 10 years. Back then, Weymouth Harbour Department needed someone to take on the task of reimagining their most important piece of literature.

The Harbour Guide is given to visiting yachtsmen to welcome them and to inform them of vital information about berthing in Weymouth Harbour. It also includes important safety information about the waters surrounding the area.

The square format we came up with gives a quality feel without making the size an issue - the guide needed to remain fairly portable. We've made use of a matt laminate and spot UV gloss to the outer cover, both to reinforce the quality and to help protect the guide from the elements.

We've also produced a Weymouth Harbour "pocket guide". This credit-card-sized document folds out to a large map of the town and puts vital information into visitors' pockets! This features a large map on one side, with some ideas on what to do in the area on the reverse:

Weymouth Pocket Harbour Guide