SEO Packages

Effective website promotion and optimisation.


The world of digital marketing is ever-growing, meaning search engine optimisation (SEO) and content have never been as important as they are today.

Content is key, it’s what tells the story of your business and ultimately attracts people to your website. As simple as it sounds, content needs to be unique, user-friendly, up-to-date and relevant to your target audience.

Good content alone won’t help your business if no-one is seeing it – did you know that organic search is responsible for over 50% of web traffic, and 95% of people will only look at the first page of Google? It’s crucial to ensure your content is ranking well on search engines. 

So what exactly is involved in SEO? Two main factors come into play:

Firstly, on-page SEO involves ensuring the pages on your website are highly optimised and that each one is targeting highly relevant key words and phrases that people are actually searching for.

Secondly, there are off-page factors – how many other websites link into your own? What is the quality and relevance of these websites? Links from the wrong websites can do more harm than good, but sourcing links from relevant, high quality websites can help give your rankings a real boost.

Would you like your website to see an increase in visitors? We offer strategic planning along with comprehensive SEO and content services to improve your online performance.

Which of our packages sounds right for your business?

The Essentials

  • Keyword research, deciding which phrases are most important to rank well for.
  • On page SEO – optimisation of your web content.
  • Creation / optimisation of Google My Business listing.
  • Link building
  • Monthly analytics reports, including:
    • Web traffic statistics.
    • Page ranking statistics.
    • Setup and monitoring of custom goals.
    • Additional, personalised analytics tailored to your business needs.

Maximum Impact

Everything from “The Essentials” plus:

  • New, on-trend content creation, tailored to your business and designed to rank for additional keywords and phrases – widening your exposure, targeting new audiences and bringing more traffic.

Would you like your website to start bringing you more business? Or are  you planning a new website and want to maximise results? Give us a call on 01305 770111 or email us.